5 Productivity Hacks

We are so proud that we are in our third year of business! But while running your own business can be super exciting and exhilarating, there are some challenges that arise on a daily basis that can seem overwhelming. One of my challenges is maximizing productivity. As an entrepreneur you wear many different hats and sometimes it feels like you are drowning in a sea of work. Below are some tips to help manage those hats and help you feel like you are working at your best!

1. Get enough sleep!
This might seem like a no brainer but can often be overlooked. While it might seem like working for 20 hours a day and sleeping 4 hours a day will get the most work done, you will be more productive if you actually take the time to sleep so that when you are working you are the most alert and focused. Without even realizing it you can get yourself into a cycle of no sleep plus four cups of coffee plus no sleep plus four cups of coffee and the cycle continues. Unfortunately when you are sleep deprived and over caffeinated you aren’t performing at your best.

2. Set goals and prioritize them.
If you have 15 tasks floating around in your head sometimes that abstract list can feel like a 100 tasks. It is helpful to make an organized list and prioritize them in order of importance. There are a lot of different websites and apps that can help you do this. Wunderlist works for me. Not only can this give you a sense of organization but you can check things off the list! Nothing feels better then checking something off a list. Done!

3. Keep your desk clean and organized!
It is helpful to organize everything from your email in-box, your physical desk, ipad, smart phone, computer, etc. If you take some time to organize up front you can cut down on unnecessary lost hours hunting things down. Not only does it take time to locate lost items but it disrupts your thought flow and interrupts your entire task.

4. Know when you work best.
Knowing at what hours you best perform certain tasks can help you organize your day to maximize productivity. For instance, if you are the most social in the morning, schedule phone calls and in person appointments in the morning hours and leave your computer work for the afternoon. This can ensure you are performing tasks at the time that you are already at your best.

5. Get out of the office!
Taking breaks throughout the day can help you to remain focused when you are working on a task. A change of scenery particularly can help stimulate the brain and keep you alert. So, go for a walk or eat outside!

This is my list of 5 things that keep me productive. I can’t always follow my own advice, but when I do I certainly see a difference. Do you have any tips that you help you stay productive?