How To Make More Money: It All Starts With A Morning Routine

A few weeks ago in Pro Tips: Living the Entrepreneurial Life, I touched on the importance of a routine. Your morning routine specifically has a significant impact on your productivity throughout the day and therefore on your bottom line! It should create a mood that propels you throughout the day and inspires you to tackle the day head on. Last year I fell into a rut where every morning I woke up at 7 am and “eased” into my day by drinking coffee and watching the news for an hour. When I arrived I wasn’t focused and ready to work. Instead I was ready to continue “easing” throughout my day and I was struggling to stay on task. All I had done by 9 am was sit on the couch for an hour! I finally realized what was dragging me down and made some drastic changes so that when I arrived at work I had the energy and commitment to be productive. Here are some tips for creating a morning routine:

Eat a proper breakfast!
Donuts tastes goood! Pancakes taste goood! But, if you want to keep your energy steady, don’t set yourself up for a sugar crash in a few hours. Start with a healthy and balanced meal so that you have steady energy throughout the day. Also, if you start with a healthy meal, you are more prone to keep the habit and your lunch and dinner will also be healthy. Save the donut for Sunday Funday;)

Make Your Bed!
This might sound silly, but nothing spurs on productivity more than productivity itself. I do all of my chores first thing it the morning. Already you have completed a task which will give you a sense of accomplishment that will encourage you to complete more tasks. Before I leave in the morning my bed is made, all the dishes are done and the counters are wiped down. This also allows me to return to a clean house at the end of the day when I am tired.

Find your good mood!
Watch the news and then pay attention to your mood. We all know the news is full of sad and stressful stories. I would start each day already being stressed out! If you find yourself waking up in a less than happy mood, find a way to change it. Listen to your favorite song, drink another cup of coffee, listen to a meditation tape on the way to work. Your attitude affects everyone around you and can really drag down the day. Make sure that you walk through the door of your office (even when it is in your home) in a good mood.

Schedule your day!
Before you head to work, organize your day. As an entrepreneur you probably wear many (all?) hats and you need to strategically work on each section of your business. Set aside a certain time to work on bookkeeping, emailing with customers, working on new designs etc. instead of randomly tackling each item as you think of it. If you can organize your day you can work more efficiently which will lead to better productivity. Knowing you have scheduled your day for maximum productivity will leave you feeling satisfied.

Those are my morning routine tips. If you feel your best and work at maximum productivity, you make more money! What else do you do in the morning to ensure that you are making the most of your day?