Pro Tips: Naming Your Brand

We work with a lot of entrepreneurs that have a concept for a great product, with the idea to grow it into a brand. But building a brand from scratch is no easy task! One of the first steps in this process is determining a brand name that not only works to represent your product line and core values but also appeals to your target market. This can be tricky! So here are our pro tips on the process we use to help our clients name their brand.

First we start with having our clients really build their brand story, core values and defining the feeling they want to communicate to their future customers. We do this by asking a few tough questions:

  1. What is the overall mood of the company?

  2. Describe your company in 3 words, then 2 words, then 1 word

  3. How did you start, what is your unique story?

  4. How are you different or better than your competitors?

  5. Who is your target market?

  6. What problem does your target have that your company solves?

And many more!

Once we get these answers back the brainstorming begins! We then develop a long, long list of words that reflect the brand information. There are no wrong answers during a brainstorm! This is not the time to be critical. We write down everything and anything that comes to mind!

Immediately after the brainstorm we take this opportunity to jot down any names that organically seem to work from the list of words. This could be by combining 2 or 3 words or pulling out the words that are strong contenders on their own.

Naming your brand is not a 1 day task! Let these ideas and words marinade for a few days. When working on a project like this I tend to think about other potential names at the oddest times. I do my best thinking right when I wake up or even while I am cooking dinner! Everyone will have a different creative process, but the bottom line is don’t rush!

Revisit your words for a few minutes each day and add to the growing list of potential brand names. There is no magic number to aim for, but stop when you think you have around 15 options that you actually like.

Once you have your list of 15, the goal is to narrow down. There are several ways to narrow down. First being just cross off the names that are your least favorite. Second, do some research!

There are great tools available online for checking availability of brand names. There are 2 searches in particular that we recommend you look into:

  1. Trademark Search - You can do a free search through the United States Patent and Trademark Office by using this link

  2. URL Search - You will want to make sure there is a URL available for the brand names you like the most! There are many tools and websites you can use to do this. You can use a tool like Bust a Name to help you come up with a creative URL using several words.

The goal in this step is to narrow down your list of 15 potential names to 5. Once you have the top 5 you need to get them in front of your target market to get their response! One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a free survey using Survey Monkey or a similar platform. We would recommend that you have the survey participants rank the 5 names in order of like most to dislike, assigning each a number 1-5.

There should be a natural leader of the pack after this process!

We hope that these are some helpful tips for all you new entrepreneurs out there! If you need assistance with naming your brand, this is one of our favorite things to do at Stitch Method! Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation today!